Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Prudential Georgia Realty recognized that many consumers were confused by the conflicting stories and sensationalist headlines about the real estate market. In October of 2007, Prudential Georgia Realty launched the first Atlanta Real Estate video and free PDF report to provide consumers the real market facts plus valuable insight for buyers and sellers. These reports are organized into “chapters” for the National Real Estate Market, the Atlanta Real Estate Market, the Future Outlook for Atlanta Real Estate and specific recommendations for Sellers and Buyers.

The latest report is now available for free viewing to the public at www.atlantarealestate2008.com. The free written PDF report can be downloaded from the link on this video. Prudential Georgia Realty will be updating this report every few months with the latest facts and useful information for sellers and buyers. The first installment of this video report was introduced in October and received more than 10,000 viewings.

The latest video installment is loaded with market facts including the local real estate market conditions, including 2007 market results, 2008 market trends, foreclosures, current home values, new housing starts, inventory of homes on the market, how sellers can best position their properties in the current buyer’s market, specific opportunities for buyers and investors and why it is an excellent time to buy or invest in real estate property in metro Atlanta and North Georgia.

The video is presented by Dan Forsman, company president and CEO. Forsman is recognized as an expert voice on real estate in Georgia. He has been featured on 11 Alive News, on CNBC’s Kudlow & Cramer, locally on 1160 AM business radio, and in numerous regional and national publications. He served as president of the Atlanta Board of Realtors, the largest regional real estate board in Georgia and, for his vision and commitment to the real estate industry, was awarded Broker of the Year for all of North America by Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc. in 2007.

The video discusses the residential real estate market for the start of 2008 and predictions for the coming months. In the message, Forsman candidly discusses the current over-supply of properties, the drop in home values as well as the positive long-term trends that will impact future home values for Atlanta. Sources estimate an additional two million people, roughly the size of Denver, will be added to metro Atlanta by 2020. Reports from CNN Money and Economy.com suggest that Atlanta is poised for a real estate bounce-back and will be the leading major market that will guide the country out of its real estate slump.

“We just want consumers to have all the facts about the local real estate market, instead of the sensationalist headlines reported on television that reflect national averages. Real estate is driven by local supply and demand. It is sort of like the weather – every local market has a different forecast depending upon their specific conditions. In real estate, every city and every community can be different,” explains Forsman. “Once they have all the information, consumers can make informed decisions. There are very specific things that sellers need to do in this type of market. There are also fantastic opportunities for buyers. We have great properties for sale, mortgage rates are historically low, sellers are motivated and long-term trends for future values are excellent.”

The video, which will be updated again this spring, can be viewed at www.atlantarealestate2008.com. A free PDF written report version is also available for download at this site. To contact Dan Forsman, call Prudential Georgia Realty at 770-992-4100. To conduct a complete search of all available properties in metro Atlanta, to view our foreclosure hot lists or to search all Atlanta new home properties, visit www.PrudentialGA.com.
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