Monday, August 11, 2008

Prudential Georgia Realty Releases Latest Online Video Report on the Summer Real Estate Market

Prudential Georgia Realty recognized last year that consumers were confused by the conflicting stories and sensationalist headlines about the state of the local real estate market. To inform the home-buying and selling public, Prudential Georgia Realty launched the first Atlanta Real Estate video and free PDF report in the Fall, 2007, to provide consumers the real market facts plus valuable insight for buyers and sellers.

The latest report, known as the Summer edition, is now available for free viewing to the public at The free written PDF report which incorporates all the statistics and graphs can be downloaded from the link on this video as well.

The latest video installment offers details on local real estate market conditions, year-to-date trends, local and national foreclosure rates, current home values, new housing starts, inventory of homes on the market, specific opportunities for buyers and investors and why it remains an excellent time to invest in real estate in metro Atlanta and North Georgia.

The video is presented by Dan Forsman, company president and CEO. Forsman is recognized as an expert voice on real estate in Georgia. He has been featured on 11 Alive News, on CNBC’s Kudlow & Cramer, locally on 1160 AM business radio, and in numerous regional and national publications. Forsman served as president of the Atlanta Board of Realtors, the largest regional real estate board in Georgia and, for his vision and commitment to the real estate industry, was awarded Broker of the Year for all of North America by Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc. in 2007.

The video discusses the current real estate marketplace and offers predictions on supply, sales and housing starts for the next two years. In the message, Forsman candidly discusses the current over-supply of properties, Atlanta home values as well as the positive long-term trends that will impact future home values for Atlanta. This latest State of the Market message includes the expertise of Executive Vice President for the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association, David Ellis, and President and CEO of Equity Depot (a leading company on foreclosure property data and tracking), David Cook.

“What the media reports aren’t telling you when offering sensationalist headlines and very little details or explanations in the stories, is that, while foreclosures have risen nationally, over half the reported foreclosures are located in just seven of the 50 states----California, Nevada, Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Ohio and Indiana,” explains Forsman. “That’s a huge number in a very limited area. We just want consumers to have all the facts about the local real estate market. There is no national real estate market. Every city or state is different. We see the Atlanta market as a place of unique opportunity for well-informed buyers and that’s precisely what we’re doing---arming these buyers with updated information.”

The video, which will be updated again this Fall, can be viewed at A free PDF written report version is also available for download at this site. To contact Dan Forsman, call Prudential Georgia Realty at 770-992-4100. To conduct a complete search of all available properties in metro Atlanta or a foreclosures-only search that’s the most in-depth, up-to-date information in metro Atlanta, visit

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