Thursday, February 26, 2009

WicksteadWorks Named EarthCraft's Renovator of the Year

Southface and The Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association (GAHBA) named WicksteadWorks as the 2009 Renovator of the Year earlier this month. The Renovator of the Year award distinguishes an EarthCraft House renovator that has gone above and beyond the established measures to decrease energy consumption in an existing home. The annual EarthCraft House Awards honors the leading builders, developers, renovators and manufacturers dedicated to protecting the environment through sustainable design and construction of homes, communities and products. WicksteadWorks is an Atlanta remodeler that builds to a minimum standard of EarthCraft certification on all projects.

EarthCraft House is a voluntary, green building third-party validation program that serves as a blueprint for healthy comfortable homes that reduce utility bills and protect the environment.

“WicksteadWorks has actively embraced sustainable building standards and pursues best-practices to achieve quality certified projects,” said Daniel Harvey with EarthCraft House. “Frank Wickstead and his team is dedicated to responsible building and construction methods that lead to improved energy efficiency, sustainability and air quality. Frank is making an impact in Atlanta, and for that reason, we named WicksteadWorks our Renovator of the Year.”

A team of EarthCraft House judges selected the nominees and winners for the EarthCraft House awards. The winners were honored at the annual awards ceremony earlier this month.

Since EarthCraft's inception in 1999, more 450 builders have become builder members, and more than 7,150 homes in the Southeast region have been certified to EarthCraft House standards.

As an experienced remodeling company, WicksteadWorks is able to provide solutions for all types of problems. For example, one renovation project of WicksteadWorks was for a family with two asthmatic children. After the project was completed, the children’s asthma symptoms were completely gone due to WicksteadWorks’ renovations of the crawl space and HVAC system. Once the renovations were complete, the house became EarthCraft certified.

“Regardless of the scale, complexity or cost of a project, we incorporate the elements of environmentally-friendly construction 100 percent of the time,” said Frank Wickstead, president of WicksteadWorks. “With all of our projects, the focus is on doing it right. Earthcraft does not increase cost, it is about improving the processes and methods to build the best possible project and take care of our clients.”
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