Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Your Next Home in the Palm of Your Hand

Prudential Georgia Realty turns cell phones into the ultimate real estate finder

Prudential Georgia Realty, recognized as one of the Top Real Estate Companies in the US with 1,200 full-service agents and 23 locations, announced today a new mobile tool to simplify the consumer’s search for real estate. The brokerage is the first agency in the Atlanta metro area and northern Georgia to offer Homes for Sale, a new patented mobile application powered by Smarter Agent.

Consumers will be able to search almost every listing in the region, using their personal cell phone, iPhone or BlackBerry whether it is listed by Prudential Georgia Realty or another broker/agent.

From where they stand, consumers can view detailed property information on almost any home for sale in that market at the touch of a button - including sales price, square footage, tax information, beds/baths, interior and exterior features—even pictures!

The application also features a “Call to See” button. With one click, the consumer will be transferred to an experienced Prudential Georgia Realty professional who can answer in-depth questions or schedule a tour of the property.

“Today, most consumers use the Internet extensively for real estate searches. Powerful new mobile devices are the next natural extension of the Internet. Our PGR Labs team researched all the available options and determined that Smarter Agent has built a best-in-class platform. This allows us to bring real estate listings directly to our consumers when and where they want them,” said President and CEO of Prudential Georgia Realty, Dan Forsman. “The Smarter Agent application is easy to use today and will become better and better over time as mobile devices continue to evolve.”

Dan Forsman is a well-known leader and innovator in the real estate industry. He is a member of numerous national advisory boards including,, Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, The Realty Alliance and others. Dan is a popular speaker and has been recently featured on 11Alive News, Fox 5, numerous radio interviews plus many real estate industry events. He has become known for the market report video series, updated quarterly.

The application is availa ble for download from the Prudential Georgia Realty website, There, consumers will find a “Go Mobile” tool which will provide instructions on how to send the application to their personal cell phones. Users simply select their cell phone carrier, the make/model of their cell phone and their cell phone number. Instantly, the application is sent via text message and downloaded to the cell phone, in the same way as a ringtone or game.

Smarter Agent is the most comprehensive mobile real estate tool in the Atlanta region, as well as the nation. Homes for Sale is available on hundreds of cell phone models on AT&T and Sprint as well as the BlackBerry devices across all four major carriers and the iPhone. Windows Mobile versions, as well as other devices and major carriers, will be added over the coming months making the application available to all consumers regardless of their cell phone carrier or device.

The Homes for Sales application can be downloaded for free on all BlackBerry devices and the iPhone. For other devices, nominal monthly charges may apply dependent on your carrier, just as they would for a game or ringtone, billed directly to your carrier statement.
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Smarter Agent said...

Homes for Sale is live on T-Mobile devices now, too!