Monday, March 23, 2009

Atlanta Real Estate Firms Form Strategic Alliance to Offer Combined Accelerated Leasing and For-Sales Services

Sales Inc! and Evolv Real Estate Solutions Group are excited to announce a new joint venture to provide accelerated leasing and sales services for condominium reversions and broken conversion deals. Both groups, experts in their own market segments, have strategically aligned to offer a comprehensive solution to banks, developers, investors and owners, targeting both the rental and sales components of condominium or apartment projects in transition.

Sales Inc! was founded by Stacy Crook in 1988, with the mission of quickly solving vacancy challenges for apartment developers, owners and property management companies. “Having spent the last 20 years providing accelerated leasing services at over 1600 communities nationwide, and for every multifamily product type, allows us to be extremely well positioned to help in today’s real estate environment,” said Dan Haefner, president of Sales, Inc!. “However, today’s real estate market needs some new answers for how to handle certain challenges and opportunities we are facing. The more options we can bring to the table the better we can help our clients to create and protect value, which is why we are choosing to team up with Evolv.”

Evolv Real Estate Solutions Group was formed in 2007 with two areas of concentration: brokerage of new condominiums, conversions, townhomes and active adult communities and marketing of residential real estate including apartments and the leisure industry. With a menu of services to choose from and flexibility in offerings, Evolv brings both short and long term solutions to the table. “Our challenges in the market today are unprecedented and by joining forces with Sales, Inc! on this particular effort, we offer the best of both the leasing and sales component to the client,” said Gigi Giannoni, chief executive officer of Evolv Real Estate Solutions Group.

The strategic alliance will provide clients with a one stop solution to lease and sell units within a property, and the opportunity to expedite and improve cash flow while continuing with a sales program. With a concentrated focus on marketing, leasing and sales, the client has a combined team focusing on deliverables in unison, which is aligned to produce an overall successful outcome.

Having worked together before in the apartment and for-sale industry, Haefner and Giannoni look forward to this leasing and sales alliance, and believe it will solve a need that is not currently adequately addressed. “We both feel this is an opportune time to offer our expertise and joint services to clients,” said Haefner. “Our organizations bring well over 100 years of combined real estate experience, and together we have the ability to provide something unique to the industry,” said Giannoni.

Sales, Inc! has been in the accelerated leasing business since 1988, successfully solving vacancy challenges for clients all over the United States. As the top national apartment leasing firm, Sales, Inc! has leased thousands of apartments in almost every market throughout the country, creating additional cash flow and higher property values for owners. Sales Inc! offers services for all multifamily product types, and employs highly trained associates with significant sales experience. For a full overview of services visit, or contact Dan Haefner at

Evolv is a full service real estate solutions group headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia that specializes in condominium, townhome, mixed-use/master plan community brokerage and marketing as well as apartment and leisure marketing services. Evolv offers a distinct menu of services ranging from the inception of a project through to its fruition with no long term commitments. To understand more of what Evolv can provide in marketing and sales support, visit, or contact Gigi Giannoni at
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