Sunday, March 15, 2009

GuildQuality Announces the 2009 Guildmaster Award Winners

94 builders and remodelers receive superior customer service awards

GuildQuality is pleased to announce that 94 companies qualified as 2009 Guildmaster Award winners. The Guildmaster Awards competition recognizes builders and real estate companies in the United States and Canada with a proven history of superior customer service. The full list of winners can be found on the GuildQuality Web site at

The GuildQuality mission is to elevate the stature of the real estate and home building industry to the highest level. This is accomplished through customer satisfaction surveying and reporting and celebrating superlative achievement through the Guildmaster Awards. Guildmaster Award winners have demonstrated their ability to consistently deliver an exceptional customer experience. Winners include builders, remodelers, specialty contractors and developers that share a passion for excellence and focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience.

“Over the last two months, GuildQuality examined more than 8,000 surveys received on behalf of applicants for the 2009 Guildmaster Awards,” said Geoff Graham, President of GuildQuality. “To receive an award, an applicant must have earned the recommendation of at least 90 percent of surveyed customers and have received responses from at least 70 percent of all of an applicant's customers. Congratulations to our 2009 Guildmaster Award winners, thanks for their commitment to quality and best wishes for continued success.”

Three levels of awards were given: Guildmaster, Guildmaster with Distinction, and Guildmaster with Highest Distinction. The three distinctions relate to the response rate received during the surveying: 80 percent or above received “Distinction” and 90 percent or above received “Highest Distinction.”

“Being a Guildmaster is an honor,” said Kent Eberle, President of Sacramento's Eberle Remodeling, a four-time Guildmaster award recipient. “It distinguishes our company from others, since the award recognizes companies who provide top notch customer service, quality work and a seamless process. Unlike many of the awards we have won for various remodeling projects for both design and construction, the GuildQuality Guildmaster awards are directly tied to customer satisfaction with surveys that encompass many aspects of the remodeling process.
“Providing award-winning designs and beautiful, functional projects are always our goals, but knowing that we have satisfied clients and that they would recommend us are our ultimate goals. The GuildQuality surveys provide us with the constant feedback we need to determine how effectively we are meeting our clients needs. The Guildmaster award affirms that we are providing our clients with excellent service.”

Brad Harbin, Vice President of Yorktown, Va.-based Wayne Harbin Builder, Inc., was a first-time Guildmaster recipient this year. "Customer service is the foundation of our company, and the surveys conducted through GuildQuality provide third-party validation that our systems and process are serving our customers in the best manner possible. We have always done what we believe to be right by our customers and having that effort confirmed and documented is very valuable. From warranty to sales, a 100 percent customer satisfaction rating requires the shared commitment to excellence in customer service by our entire company, and we are very proud of that."

GuildQuality provides customer satisfaction surveying and performance reporting for quality-minded building, real estate, and home services companies throughout North America. More than 500 Guildmembers rely on GuildQuality to help them deliver an exceptional customer experience. For more information on GuildQuality call 888-355-9223 or visit
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