Monday, May 5, 2008 Helps Homebuyers Navigate Tumultuous Real Estate Climate with ''Top 10 Red Flags for Homebuyers''

BUSINESS WIRE--The average homebuyer views at least 10 homes over an eight week search so it isnt practical to get a professional inspection of every house they tour., the new real estate Web site powered by HGTV, comes to the rescue pointing out things to look for in your own pre-inspection that will help identify potential problems before calling in the pros. (

FrontDoor.coms Top 10 Red Flags for Homebuyers

1) Mass Exodus from the Neighborhood

Dont let a homes curb appeal keep you from glancing down the street. Are there several other homes for sale? Are nearby businesses boarded up or vandalized? Get the scoop from the neighbors. If everyone else wants to leave the street, maybe you should, too before youre stuck with a bad investment.

2) Mediocre Maintenance

Three layers of roofing and gutters with plants growing in them are signs the owners arent big on maintaining their home. What else did they neglect?

3) Foundation Failures

Check out the yard grading. If the yard slopes towards the house, it could cause water to run down the foundation walls or into the basement, which will be costly to repair. Scour the foundation for damage. Bulges or cracks bigger than 1/3 inch can mean the house has serious structural issues.

4) Bad Smells - Inside or Outside

Take a big whiff of the air inside and outside the house. Do you smell anything funky? If you cant smell anything but the huge baskets of potpourri all over the house, this could be a red flag.

5) Faulty or Old Wiring

While youre probably not an electrician, make sure all the switches and outlets in the house function properly. Flickering lights, circuits that dont work and warm or hot outlets or faceplates are all symptoms of wiring problems.

6) Fresh Paint... on One Wall

New paint can really spruce up drab walls, but it can also hide bigger problems, like water damage, mildew or mold. If the room smells strange or if you see stains or saggy walls or ceilings, have an inspector look for mold and leaks.

7) Locked Doors and Blockades

Ask about any rooms that are off limits during your home tour, and arrange to see them later if youre interested in the house.

8) Foggy or Non-Functioning Windows

Check for water in between double-paned windows and make sure all the windows are functional.

9) Structural Walls or Floors have been Removed

Sure you love the open floor plan, but was the house always open or did the homeowners renovate? If they removed a load-bearing wall without adjusting the framing, it can shift weight to other parts of the house. Hire a structural engineer if you think any renovations are questionable.

10) Bugs!

No one wants a house with a pest problem be it roaches, mice or worst of all, termites. Be on the lookout for unwelcome creatures as you tour the house. Even if no foes pop out while youre there, consider a separate termite inspection if youre thinking of purchasing the property.

The Bottom Line

Always get a professional inspection for the house you choose to buy. Its a little expensive, but its worth every penny; skipping a home inspection is not a good way to cut costs. Youll end up paying more in the long run when problems arise. FrontDoor.coms tips make it easy for you to sift through the homes that are definite no-nos and spend your money efficiently. is like house hunting with an in-the-know friend. Use this helpful guide to be a smart home shopper and look for more advice, insight and assistance at, including monthly Top 10 lists of information that homebuyers and sellers need to know. (

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